Covid 19 juggle; ICU nurse inline, saving art business online


All I want is a pen and paper, verbally command the laptop what to do and ‘hey presto’, job done. But apparently I don’t have the app and I might get a bad backlink. a lifelong passion for creativity and art has placed me on a path most vulnerable.

A lifelong passion for creativity and art has placed me on a new path most vulnerable.

It’s a pretty vulnerable thing in any case to find an artistic voice and style, put in on a canvas, place in front of a small portion of the world and say, “here you go!” I’ve been an ICU nurse for three decades. Technology and innovation is our stock in trade, helps control the chaos, make sense of the mayhem, and deliver care. I know my understanding is applied to the environment but my capacity to juggle is immense. Nothing is random, think on your feet, right? Cool head and all that? I can surely manage a tiny, little website.
I’ve been selling my art for some time now, word of mouth, local networking and exhibitions. Likeminded Groups are a wealth of knowledge and support as you know. It’s taken years to build a pre-covid19 modest but significantly consistent level of sales. Just like the rest of the world, all this changed in March, but it took weeks of uncertainty to determine what that change was and meant for our small businesses. For me, covid19 rendered a split-brain. Hot-stepping from one potential disastrous outcome to another. Fear? Possibly, back in ICU. But it could arguably be physically safer than other health care settings. Ensuing loss of business gains or up close and personal with a deadly virus indulged a sense of folly in either endeavour for a short while. I needed to get a grip, and several times per day too. I needed to make the spirit level, construct a position of hope in the present.
I have no online presence, per se. A rudimentary website. A level of social proofing that got me by. So online sales have never been a real goal. But with three cancelled shows over the summer it was time to buckle up and face my online demons. possibly the most publicall underwhelming and personally overwhelming venture I've ever attempted

it was time to buckle up and face my online demons. Possibly the most publically underwhelming and personally overwhelming venture I’ve ever attempted.

Stepping online. 'Pick a category, write what you know about, have about 3, 5 or 10 points of interest', said the very helpful blog. 'Just get your email list, send off your newsletter' and another, ‘there you go’. Following a lot of reading, scrolling and listening, I started with an email list. Impressed? Well, emails need content, information, graphics, and links. And then the trouble started.
Cleaning up, tidying and making my website something I could begin to be proud of has been a journey of little wins, moments of satisfaction and hours, days and weeks of frustration at a level only surpassed by a three year old. Then I realised this was only the start! Ah, the SEO…
Following weeks of telling myself, "I can do this, no I can’t", I got two nuggets of inspiration. A no-nonsense tutorial on graphics for social media and I reached out for help. I emphasise the importance of building relationships with groups of likeminded people who support and help each other. So much good advice and light bulb questions that have kept me on this path. Formulating sapling questions, you have to start somewhere, where to start is the question that has stopped many on their tracks. Even with painting itself. 

You don't known me. My store is at the back of the Mall, beavering away unseen.  I know I can paint. I love the aroma of linseed and the peace in standing at the easel. It’s what I do. Additionally, in recent years, there's the job satisfaction in seeing my work on a wall in someone's home. A piece that never existed until I stood up and created it. I don’t do performance, never have but covid19 has changed that for people like me. The experts advise that this won’t change, so I must. In small steps.

On the basis that done is better than perfect, I will remember that this or my online presence is not perfect. The laurels will wither and that’s a whole other kind of trouble. What I have achieved will need a new rhythm. But within that rhythm is improvement, learning and growth. If it allows me to continue do what I love and follow my lifelong passion for painting then it will all be worth it.

Indulge my passion for art, painting, and nature's care 

Overr time I will indulge my passion for art, painting and nature in these blogs. Time to relax and have fun with this.

Right now I have treats in the ‘say it with art’ collection. Pop in and browse, take your time and leave a comment!


  • Love the website Kate, your words just flow…… and your paintings speak for themselves.Best of luck.x

  • Kate what a lovely read. Your passion is obvious in both your words and your beautiful paintings. Little did I know all those years ago while working with you on another career path… an ICU nurse, that you had such creative talent. So delighted for you Kate and the best of wishes to you. Mary

    Mary Daly
  • Best wishes Kate with this new adventure xx

    Kay O Connor
  • Congratulations Kate on your beautiful and professional new website!
    Your work is inspiring and mystical and will bring joy to many people.

    Sarah Annemarie Boyle
  • Hi Kate, lovely glimpse into how you’re adapting the reach of your art. Ever growing and adapting to change- both on the ward and canvas. Your work is beautiful, lucky to look up at one of your pieces every day when sitting at the kitchen table. Keep going the course, we will keep appreciating from the sideline.

    Laura Dunleavy

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