About Kate

My rural paradise in Co. Laois is family with husband and four boys. The studio off my kitchen is my  painting life.

Always yearning for space to paint, it has taken many years to pursue a creative life. As a young girl my first memories of art are staring at a Turner and wondering ‘how did he do that!?’. I have no formal art education but it would be incorrect to describe me as self-taught. Perhaps self-taught with the support and guidance of other artists and self directed to find my voice and expression. The journey continues with this wonderful community. I have continued my learning, building skills with courses, workshops, masterclasses and preparation for exhibitions. 

It is easy to say you always wanted to paint. I knew how important creativity was in my life but the why is found in the thread of my work. This is nature. The passion in life, beyond my family, is painting and nature. There's a saying, 'mind the pennys and the pounds will look after themselves'. Mind the small things and the planet will look after itself.  

I want to give voice to those wonders and concerns for the natural world, ecosystems and vulnerable wildlife. We have valued our land poorly. My paintings are full of atmosphere and perspective. Layers of depth in buttery oils. described as 'magical', 'real' but my favourite was Sarah's,  "your work has a mysterious quality" and 'full of life' by many of my followers and collectors..